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Diary Dates



10th Jan Scout Leaders Meeting Blue Boar Pub 1915

17th Jan Explorer Leaders Meeting 35th HQ 1930

19th Jan Beaver Leaders Meeting 1st Thorpe 1915

30th Jan Cubs Leaders Meeting blue boar 1900

3rd  Feb Explorer cooking comp

12th Feb Full District Meeting 15th 1930

24th Feb Cubs Daylark (details to follow)

17-18th March Explorer Survival Camp

8th April Scouts District Air Rifle Tournament

29th April St Georges Day 2018

13th May Cub Away Day Duxford

30th June Beaver Damboree

30 June - Yare Sailing Regatta - further details later.

14th July Beaver Away day

20th October Jamboree on the air

27th October Scout / Explorer Night Hike StarTrek

16-18 November Cub / Scout APL/PL/6er/2er Skills camp



24th March Cub Daylark

28th April St Georges day 2019

21-23rd June Water Activities Weekend

13th July Beaver Away day

21st July  District Regatta

27-29th Sept Full District Camp (all sections)